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MicroStar SU-400 Ultrasonic Hardness Tester
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SU-400H and SU-400M One Instrument two Applications a combined Hardness Tester which integrates Ultrasonic hardness testing method and dynamic Leeb hardness testing method Ultrasonic probe and Leeb impact device.

Applications: Measurement of Flange Edges and Gear Root Stampings, Molds, Sheet Metal, Surface Hardened Tooth and Gear Grooves. Measurement of Thin Wall Pipe and Turbine Rotors, Welding Parts and most Ferrous and Nonferrous Metals and other Alloys.

Ultrasonic Probe: Standard- 2kgf, Optional-1kgf, 5kgf, 10kgf.

Impact Devices: D, DC, DLD, D+15,C,G Hardness Scale: HL ,HV, HB, HRC, HRB, HRA, HS etc

Measuring Range: HV:50-1599;HRC20-68;HB76-650;HRB:41-105,HLD;170-960

Accuracy: HV+/-3%HV, HRC;+/-1.5HRC; HB+/-3%hb; HL+/-8HL Resolution: 0.1HR, 1HV, 1HB, 1HLD, 0.1HS Display: Measurement value Min, Max, Ave. single mode and batch mode.

Data Storage: 2000 Groups of measurement data and 20 Groups calibration data. Data Display: Loading force, Test times, Test results, Average, Min. Max., Deviation and Conversion scale.

Test Methods are defined in the following Standards: ASTM-A1038-2005, and JJG-654-2013.

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Manual Probes

Test Stands

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Standard Delivery:
Manual Probe:2Kgf
Impact Device:D
Rockwell Block
Leeb Hardness Block
Probe Cable
Accessories Box
Certificate of conformance
Optional Accessories:
Item::Order No.:Item:Order No.:
1 Kgf manual Probe P-175 16 01Plan Support Ring75 16 06
5 Kgf manual Probe HP-5K75 16 03Small Cylinder Support Ring75 16 15
10 Kgf manual Probe HP-10K75 16 04Large Cylinder Support Ring75 16 16
Deep Hole Probe Cap75 16 18Silicon Shell-------
Hardness Block HRCcustomer to adviseMini Printer-------
Hardness Block HVcustomer to adviseTest Stand SU-40075 16 05
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