Metallurgical Technology

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Micro Star 2000 Inc. offers a complete line of Metallurgical Instruments from Hardness Testing to the final Sample Preparation.

Hardness Testers include: Vickers Micro and Knoop, Rockwell and Brinell, Hardness Tester Brinell Vickers Knoop Rockwell

Portable Hardness Testers includes: Leeb, Ultrasonic, Hammer Impact Brinell, Shore Rockwell and Fruit Hardness Testers Portable Hardness Testers

For Sectioning we offer Precision Cut-Off Machines as well as Abrasive Cut-Off Machines, Floor and Bench Models with Accessories. Cut Off Machines.

Compression Mounting we offer Advanced Automatic Presses. Compression Mounting Presses.

The Light Curing Polymerization System is mainly used in the Medical and Semiconductor Industries. Light Curing Polymerization.

In our line of Grinding and Polishing Machines we offer from a simple Grinder to a Semi-Automatic Grinding and Polishing Machine so that samples are prepared exactly the same every time. Grinding & Polishing Machines.

Our Metallurgical Microscopes can be Upright or Inverted and can be supplied with the Metavision® Image Analysis Software. Metallurgical Microscopes.

Most Consumables are in stock and available from our Concord Warehouse. Metallographyc Consumables.

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