Metallurgical Technology

905-660-1754 / 905-660-1754
Cut-Off Machine Accessories
Vertical Pressure Clamping
With neither riser block nor adjusting required, the system allows a continuous adaptation of the clamping height whilst retaining the clamping force with the simple turn of the clamping key. Adaptable to all types of machine-tool tablles, electro-erosion machines and modular or press T-slot tables(model dependant). The clamps are "monobloc" types, which ensure stable, robust and rapid assembly for setting up and dismantling with a clamping force upto 50000N. ...Read More
Monobloc Clamps
The monobloc clamps have  an aluminium body and swivel shoe with a steel arm. Monobloc clamps with short arm offers 16000N clamping force and with the long arm, 12000N. Extra Long arm offers 8000N of clamping force. The short arm has a reach of 33mm scaling upto a height of 80mm. The  long arm spans a reach of 61 mm and scales upto 102mm in height. The extra long arm reaches to 132mm scaling a height of 155mm. Riser blocks may be employed to clamp tall workpieces. ...Read More
Piccolo - Tech Montage
Piccolo clamps have a copper aluminium body combined with a steel arm and a swivel shoe. Clamping key used is nickel plated. A short steel arm offers a reach of 54mm scaling a height of 58mm and a clamping force of 6500N. A long steel arm spans 100mm scaling a height of 90mm and a clamping force of 4200N. Aluminium riser blocks may be employed to clamp tall workpieces. ...Read More
Extra Long Arm
The extra long retractable clamping arm offers extended reach of upto 90mm. Used in combination with swivel shoes for effective clamping. ...Read More
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