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Polishing Cloth

The type of cloth used has an extremely important bearing on the end result. It is imperative that relief between micro constituents of varying hardness and sample mount interfaces be held to a minimum. Napless cloth such as nylon, cotton, chemo textile materials, etc. should be used. Selection should also be such that the cloth itself does not produce any abrasive artifacts. The hardness of material being prepared is the guide point.

Type FD-1N Polishing Cloth
Very soft low nap felt bound to a P.S.A. backing Polishing Cloth. For use with 0.25 micron diamond paste. ...Read More
Type PAN-W Polishing Cloth
PAN-W Polishing Cloth P.S.A. backed is a hard, non-woven impregnated oil/water resistant Polishing Cloth. A widely used chemo textile material promotes a high cutting rate when used with DIAPAT Diamond compounds in petrography, semi - conductor and composite materials polishing. Edge and inclusion retention are superior when used for rough polishing of steels. ...Read More
Type SAT-S Polishing Cloth
Polyester (tergal satin) P.S.A. Polishing Cloth. Waterproof high wear and solvent resistance. For use with diamond pastes 6 microns. ...Read More
Type PLASTIMOL - ST Polishing Cloth
Special wool Polishing Cloth PSA very soft. For use with diamond pastes 1-3 microns. ...Read More
Type SAT-D1 Polishing Cloth
Water proof satin Polishing Cloth on a plastic P.S.A. backing. Wear and solvent resistant for use with 1 micron diamond paste. ...Read More
Type PAL Billiard Polishing Cloth
The finest quality 100% wool fabric Billiard P.S.A Polishing Cloth with uniform sheared pile for general rough polishing with Aluminum Oxide Powders and Suspensions for steels and other ferrous based materials as well as petrographic and lapidary applications. ...Read More
Type FD-6J Polishing Cloth
The finest synthetic fibre flock bound to a PVC adhesive backing Polishing Cloth. For use with 6 micron diamond paste. Offers high wear resistance. ...Read More
FD1 Polishing Cloth
FD1 is a fine synthetic velvet PSA backed Polishing Cloth. Used primary when slurry or skid polishing techniques are required. Recommended for the final polishing of soft metals crystals as well as the specialized application of polishing cement clinkers. ...Read More
Type NAC Polishing Cloth
Very soft low nap synthetic Polishing Cloth on P.V.C. adhesive backing. For use with 0.25 - 1 micron diamond paste. Can also be used with very fine alumina suspensions. ...Read More
Type NYLON N-1 Polishing Cloth
A four shaft satin weave nap less P.S.A. backing Polishing Cloth. A versatile long life rough polishing cloth for use with DIAPAT Diamond. Useful for polishing most materials while maintaining sample flatness and preventing relief. For use with 1 micron diamond paste. ...Read More

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