Metallurgical Technology

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Compression Mounting

Compression molding techniques are used to produce hard mounts in a minimum of time. The materials used are classified as: (1) Thermosetting and (2) Thermoplastic. Thermosetting media requires heat and pressure during molding cycle and can be ejected at maximum molding temperature. Thermoplastic materials remain fluid at maximum molding temperatures and become dense and transparent with a decrease in temperature and an increase in pressure. Thermosetting plastics soften from a temperature of approx. 70° C and cure due to a chemical reaction at approx. 150° C. Thermoplastics melt at a temperature of approx. 160° C.

Micro Star RESINARF LUCIDE Thermoplastic transparent extremely fine-grained and low-viscosity. Particularly suitable for fragile samples and samples with cavities. Gap formation is minor, Hardness mean. Mounting time and cooling appr. 12 minutes. Thermoplastics melt at a temperature of approx 160° C. and set or solidify when cooling down. ...Read More
BAKELIT Phenolic Powders
Micro Star BAKELITE, Thermosetting Plastic has a curing temperature of approx. 150°C. Mounting time approx. 6 minutes, for routine mounting operations without any requirements as to particular hardness. Gap formation is minor. Cooling under pressure is recommended. ...Read More
EPOVIT Epoxy Resin
Micro Star EPOVIT, Thermosetting Resin moulding compound with extremely low shrinkage. Excellent freedom from gaps, high degree of hardness with sharp edge formation. Cooling under pressure is required. EPOVT I and EPOVIT II Thermosetting Resins with mineral filler and glass fiber (coarse and fine) ...Read More
RESINYL G Diallylphtalate
Micro Star RESINYL G, Diallylphtalate, Thermosetting Plastic with glass fibers. Low shrinkage, Minor Gap formation, and high degree of hardness. Sharp edge formation. Cooling under pressure is required. Thermosetting olastics soften from a temperature of approx. 70°C and cure due to a chemical reaction at approx. 150° C.  ...Read More

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