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Abrasive Cut-Off Machines

Specimen integrity begins with high quality cutting. Perfectly cut surfaces reduce the number of subsequent preparation stages and shorten the total sample preparation time to the minimum.

StarCut™400 Abrasive Cut-Off Machine
StarCut™400 Model Abrasive Cut-Off Machine is ideal for cutting metallic, ceramic and mineral samples up to a diameter of up to 120mm and 80 x 80mm square solid stock. Cutting power is provided by a 7.5 HP (5.5 KW) motor driving a 300-400mm cutting wheel. The motor and power transmission system is mounted on a steel frame. The base of the instrument is a large heavy duty alloy casting on which the cutting mechanism and clamping system are mounted. The complete system is enclosed with a steel sheet protective hood. ...Read More
StarCut™300 Abrasive Cut-Off Machine
StarCut™300 Abrasive Bench Type Cut-Off Machine offers the advantage of combining different cutting techniques and methods into the same machine, to obtain superior cut surfaces for a broad range of heavy-duty cutting applications. The StarCut™300 Abrasive Cut-Off Machine has X-Y-Z triple axes cutting capability: ...Read More
StarCut™80 & StarCut™100 Cut-Off Machines
StarCut™ 80 and StarCut™100 Abrasive Cut-Off Machines are Table Top Cutters with a powerful 3.0 KW motor combined with a rocker arm mechanism which is balanced via counter spring to provide the cutting feel to the operator. The cut-off wheel is directly mounted on the motor shaft which rotates 2800 rpm and is fed into the clamping specimen for sensitive cutting. The electronic brake system which is included as standard item brings the cutter to a full stop in seconds after switching off. ...Read More
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