Metallurgical Technology

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Cold Mounting
Microtec P20 & L20 a Clear Transparent two Components cold polymer mounting compounds Methyl methacrylate based products and a universal embedding resin.  ...Read More
Technovit® 4000
Technovit® 4000 is a fast curing, cold polymerising, and a three component resin, based on modified polyester. ...Read More
Technovit® 4002
Technovit® 4002 – Cold embedding resin for embedding metallographic samples. Processing time approx. 4 minutes. Curing time is between 10 and 15 minutes depending on the sample size and the ambient temperature. ...Read More
Technovit® 4006
Technovit® 4006 is a highly transparent methyl methacrylate-based two component embedding medium consisting of powder and liquid. ...Read More

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