Metallurgical Technology

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Cooling Lubricants

Sufficient and proper cooling is very important. High volume jet spraying or submerged cutting are the two major techniques used. Section size, material and hardness dictate which method should be employed. Submerged cutting will tend to make a wheel bond act harder.

COOL-CUT and FINO COOL are soluble anti rust and lubricant additives cutting/grinding concentrates fully synthetic, this means free from mineral oil and diethanolamine.

COOL-CUT II anti corrosion and lubricant Cutting Fluid contains additives which provide excellent wetting properties to achieve high cutting/grinding performance and good rinsing effect. This guarantees fast and continuous emission of heat from the work piece in order to achieve maximum accuracy to size and high surface quality. ...Read More
FINO COOL Anti-Corrosion Medium and Cutting Fluid, due to the high bio stability solution provides long service life, long-term pH-stability, good corrosion protection and only little maintenance.  ...Read More

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