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Vickers Micro & Knoop Hardness Testers

Vickers Hardness Testing is especially useful in determining Hardness Variations, caused by Hardening, Quenching, Plating, Fabrication, Welding, and bonding of Materials. Vickers and Knoop Test Methods are defined in the following Standards: ASTM-E-92 ISO 6507-1, -2, -3, JIS Z2244.

Micro Vickers Hardness Tester Vexus MHV-1000 Series
MHV-1000Z and MHV-1000ZK are precision Micro Vickers & Knoop Hardness Testing Machines where optics, mechanics and result calculation are integrated. The 1000Z handles both HV and HK indenters but one indenter at a time - replacement necessary for change of indenters. Conforms to ASTM-E92/E384 and ISO 6507. ...Read More
Micro Vickers Hardness Tester MVH-2000A
MicroStar VH2000A  Micro Vickers hardness tester, equipped with Auto Turret, key panel and touch screen double input methods, blue tooth transferring technology. Standard delivery includes: Objectives 10x / 40x, Analogue X-Y Anvil, Mini-Printer, Power cable, Accessories Box, Level Screw and Anti-dust Cover. Conforms to ASTM-E92/E384 and ISO 6507. ...Read More
Macro Vickers Digital Macro Vicky Series HV10,HV30,HV50
MicroStar HV10/Vicky HV30/Vicky HV50/Vicky Color Touch Screen Digital Macro Hardness Tester Features; ►Close loop, Auto, Dwell and Unloading System. ►Color touch screen. ►Objectives switched by auto turret. ►Indenter and Force System can be switched manually. ►One touch operation of diagonal line by high resolution measurement / observation. ►Objectives and built-in length high definition digital Eyepiece. ► Equipped with Bluetooth connection. ►MV series Vickers Software recommended. ...Read More
Micro Vickers AutoVicky ZVK-1050A F
The AutoVicky ZVK-1050AF uses one controller and one PC to control two Hardness testers, one is AutoVicky ZVK-1000F Automatic Micro Vickers and Knoop Hardness Tester with auto-focus system, the other is AuoVicky ZHV-50A  Automatic Macro Vickers hardness tester, both units are equipped with motorized X-Y auto stage, auto-measurement for indentation of Vickers and Knoop case depth measurement is automatically. ...Read More
Digital Micro Vickers Hardness Tester VH1010A
MicroStar MicoVicky VH1010A Vickers Hardness Tester is equiped with auto hardness conversion to other scales, the depth of hardened layer can be calculated automatically. Automatic loading, dwelling and unloading during testing process, simple operation, no operator error. The optical system has a clear image indentation to improve the accuracy of measurement.                                                                                                    ...Read More
Micro Vickers Image Analysing System
MicroStar Vickers Image Analyzing System consit's of: Software, High Resolution CCD Camera, High Precision Image Acquisition card, Powerful Computer system and Laser Printer. The  system uses four lines to measure diagonals conveniently, intuitively and precisely with image storage and data printing features. Depth can be automatically calculated. ...Read More
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