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905-660-1754 / 905-660-1754
Hardness Conversion Charts

The requirement to convert from one hardness test scale to another is quite common and is covered by various International Standards ASTM 14012b, ISO 18265. These standards point out that, due to the differences in the various types of hardness test methods, it is not possible to show a constant conversion relationship across all materials.

There are a number of conversion charts according to material type and it is essential to use the correct one.

Equations generated from the specific hardness numbers can be found on:

MS001 - Approximate Hardness Conversion Numbers Non-Austenitic Steels Rockwell C.pdf

MS002 - Approximate Hardness Conversion Numbers for Non-Austenitic Steels Rockwell B.pdf

MS003 - Approximate Hardness Conversion Numbers for Nickel and High-Nickel Alloys.pdf

MS004 - Approximate Hardness Conversion Numbers Brass 70% Copper 30%.pdf

MS005 - Approximate Hardness Conversion Numbers Brinell-Rockwell B.pdf

MS006 - Approximate Rockwell Hardness Conversion Numbers for Austenitic Stainless Steel Sheet (Rockwell B).pdf

MS007 - Approximate Hardness Conversion Numbers for Copper No102 to 142 Inclusive.pdf

MS008 - Approximate Hardness Conversion Numbers for Wrought Aluminum Products n Alloyed White Irons.pdf

MS009 - Approximate Leeb Type D Hardness Conversion.pdf

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