Metallurgical Technology

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Discs, Rolls, Strips & Belts
Silicon Carbide Discs
Uniform mineral size and premium bonding system provide longer wear rates. Special adhesive on PSA backed Silicon Carbide Discs eliminates transfer to the plate. Our comprehensive inventory assures fast delivery and the low prices. ►in stock items. ...Read More
Silicon Carbide Grinding Rolls
ANSI Grit Size Silicon Carbide Grinding Rolls are available in 3", 3-7/16" and 4". ►in stock items. ...Read More
Silicon Carbide Strips & Sheets
Micro Star offers Sic Strips 75 x 275 mm in PSA available Grits 180, 240, 320, 400 and 600 ►in stock items. ...Read More
Abrasive Grinding Belts RB 377 YX
RB 377 YX Special grain mix provides high stock removal rates in the coarse grit range. The polyester/cotton cloth backing ensures smooth running for belts and wide belts. Wet and dry grinding universal use. ...Read More
Lapping Films
Tightly graded mineral particles are coated on polyester film backing to provide precision finishes. Used for polishing fiber optic connectors and rigid memory disks, texturing thin film disks, roll super finishing and flat applications. ...Read More

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