Metallurgical Technology

905-660-1754 / 905-660-1754
Vickers Test Blocks and Penetrators
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Vickers Micro and Macro Test Blocks are Certified to ASTM-384, ISO 6507 Standards. Test Blocks are Mounted and Polished to provide the best possible Surface.

Standardized Vickers & Knoop Blocks
Designation:Load:Order No.:
Vickers10gr to 1000grHTA 260 MTV
Knoop1gr to 1000grHTA 260 MTB
Macro Vickers1kg to 120kgHTA 262 MVM
VickersOne Load 2 RangesHTA 261 MTV
KnoopOne Load 2 RangesHTA 262 MTB

Vickers & Knoop Indenters
Designation:Order No.:
Vickers DiamondHTA 264 MV
Knoop DiamondHTA 385 KN

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