Metallurgical Technology

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Mounting Presses

The StarPress™150 Compression Press comes with pre-programmed molding sequences and operates electro hydraulic, which does not require air. The pressure heating and cooling are automatically controlled and the total cycle time of a complete cool mount takes 5 minutes.

StarPress™150 Compression Press
StarPress™150 Automatic Hydraulic Mounting Press with 7 touch screen. Advanced automatic programmable single/dual cylinder with water cooling. It offers total process control, database facilities and full-auto operation. Heating power 1800W. molding temperature Max.200°C. Press max. 5076 psi. ...Read More
StarPress™100 Compression Press
StarPress™100 is an advanced automatic electrically-driven programmable single cylinder mounting press with water cooling. Star® Press offers total process control data base facilities and full-auto operation. Heating power 1800W molding temperature max. 200° C (430°F). ...Read More
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