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905-660-1754 / 905-660-1754
Optical Brinell Measurement System BMS-i100
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BMS-i100 Optical Brinell Measuring System adapts to most Brinell Hardness Testers this Measurement System is affordable and economical. Suitable for testing  the hardness of coarse grained Metals, Cast Iron, non-Ferrous Metals and their Alloy, Aluminum, Copper and more.

Portable easy operation with high definition USB camera optimized ergonomic design.

► Auto-measuring selection simultaneously displays and records Indenter diameter and Brinell Hardness values.

► Accuracy of diameter: 0.001mm as per ASTM-E10, ISO-6506 and other Standards. 

► Selectable upper and lower tolerance limits.

► Selectable Hardness conversion according to ASTM E-140, DIN 50150.

► Selectable auto-save image and corresponding measurement result files, to generate reports.

► Selectable auto-save date, hardness parameters, hardness values and image storage location.

► Auto-save data and Image Files can be saved, stored, modified, or generate reports.

► Actual Statistics, measuring data, display Min, Max, Average, deviation are captured, CP, CK etc.

► A special ring-shaped light source and progressive lens, allows clear images and contrast.

Order No.: 95 70 52  10.0 mm Brinell Measuring System.

Order No.: 95 70 50  2.5/5.0 mm Brinell Measuring System.

Auto Identification Measurement.

Camera with magnetic base.





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