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MicroStar SU-300 Ultrasonic Hardness Tester
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SU-300 Ultrasonic Hardness Tester Universal Ultrasonic, accepting Motorized Probes.

This Tester is widely used to measure Hardness of Small Forgings, Cast Material, Weld Inspections, Heat affected zone, Ion-nitride Stamping Dies and Molds, Forms, Presses, thin Walled parts, Bearings, Tooth Flanks, Gear Materials, Tube-shape Materials, Radiofrequency Materials, Die Steel, Sapphire. Order No.: 75 15 00

Accuracy: +/- 3% HV +/- 1.5 HRC  +/- 3% HRB  +/-5%HLD

Conforms to ASTM-A1038-2005, DIN50159-1-2008.

Motorized Probes

Test Stands

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Specifications main Body:
Product Name:SU-300
Loading Force2 Kgf (Optional 1KGF, 5kgf, 10Kgf)
Indenter136º Vickers Diamond Indenter
Measuring Range(50-999HV, (20-70)HRC, (85-650HB), (170-960)HLD
Measuring DirectionSupport 360º
Data Storage1000 groups measuring data and 20 groups calibration data
Hardness ScaleHV,HB,HRC,HLD
Data DisplayLoad force, Test-time, Test result, Average, Min. Max. Deviation and Conversion scale
Hardness IndicationLCD display
Operating EnvironmentTemperature: -10ºC-50ºC; Humidity: 30%-80%RH
Operating VoltageDC 6V
Instrument Dimensions160x80x31mm
Net WeightApprox. 500g (Without probe)
Standard Delivery:
SU-300Probe Cable
2Kgf Motorized ProbeUSB Cable
Standard Rockwell BlockCom Cable
Anti-vibration CaseCertificate of conformance
Operation ManualScrew
Optional Accessories:
Item:Order No.:Item:Order No.:
3N motorized Probe75 16 01Plan Support Ring75 15 06
5N motorized Probe75 16 02Small Cylinder Support Ring75 15 16
1000N motorized Probe75 16 04Large Cylinder Support Ring75 15 15
Deep Hole Probe Cap75 15 18 Silicon Shell-------
Hardness Block HRCcustomer to adviseMini Printer-------
Hardness Block HVcustomer to adviseTest Stand MU 30075 15 05
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