Metallurgical Technology

905-660-1754 / 905-660-1754
Guidelines for selection and use of UIC Instruments
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Load:Probe:Features:Typical Applications:
98NStandard length (manual)Relative large indentation; min. surface preparationSmall forgings, cast iron, weld inspection, HAZ
50NStandard length (manual)For general useInduction hardened machine parts; camshafts, turbine weld inspection, HAZ
50NExtended length (manual)30mm extended lengthMeasurements in grooves, on gear tooth flanks and roots
50NShort probe (manual)Reduced length (90mm)Turbine blades, inside wall of pipes with ΓΈ>90mm
10NStandard length (manual)Load is easy to apply; control to test sharp radiiIon-nitride stamping dies and molds, forms. presses, thin walled parts
10NExtended length (manual)30mm extended lengthBearings, tooth flanks
10NShort probe (manual)Reduced length (90mm)Turbine blades, inside wall pipes with 0>90mm
8NMotor probe styleLoad is applied by servomotorFinished precision parts, gears, bearing, raceways
3NMotor probe styleLoad applied by servomotor rather small indentationsThin layers, copper or chromium on steel cylinders
1NMotor probe styleLoad applied by servomotor; rather small indentationsThin layers and coatings
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