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Metavision Image Analysis Software
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METAVISION New Generation Image Analysis Software developed for the Metallurgist to do analysis in the simplest way. Single screen Windows based system that is flexible and independent to adopt any capture card Camera or Microscope. Metavision handles monochrome (8 bits) color (24 bits) images. Multiple images of any size can be opened and displayed on the screen for analysis of comparison. Graphs and charts displayed on the monitor can be quickly transferred to any other Windows based program for use in reports and presentations.

Includes the following functions: Measurement, Count Classification, Particle Measurement, Grain Size (ASTM E112/E1382), Segmentation, Decarburization (ASTM 1077), Nodularity (ASTM-A247), Flake (ASTM-E45/E1122) Grain Crack, Dentritic Arm Spacing, Porosity (ASTM B-276), Image Mosaicking (Montage), Report Tool.

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