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905-660-1754 / 905-660-1754
PHB-1 Hammer Brinell Impact Hardness Tester
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The MicroStar Hammer Brinell Impact Hardness Tester PHB-1 is economical and easy to use. It applies force to the Indenter by the operator using a Hammer or Clamping Device. The force applied is controlled using a calibrated shear pin. When the load applied reaches the shear pin's limit, the shear pin breaks.

Test force: 1580 kg.

Tolerance of Test force < 0.5%.

Accuracy +/- 5% HB. 

Standard Delivery: Test Head, Flat Anvil, V-shape Anvil, ø.726mm Steel Indenter (100-400HB), Indenter Head Holder, 20x Measuring Microscope, Brinell Test Block, Shear Pins (250 pcs), Accessories Box, Support Handle, Pin Removal Tool, 2 rubber Protective Caps.

Applications: Casting, Forging and Steel raw Materials.

Order No.s :

PHB-1: 78 00 00

Shear Pins additional (250): 78 00 10

4.0 mm Carbide Indenter                                     (400-650 HBW): 78 00 25

40 x  Measuring Microscope                               (required for 4.0 mm indenter): 78 00 30

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