Metallurgical Technology

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Imaging & Analysis

Imaging and Analysis Systems to help the Metallurgist. Upright or Inverted can be paired with image capture and anaysis systems included camera and analysis software.

Imaging & Analysis

Micro Vickers Image Analysing System
MicroStar Vickers Image Analysing System consits of: Software, High Resolution CCD Camera, High Precision Image Acquisition card, Powerful Computer system and Laser Printer. The  system uses four lines to measure diagonals conveniently, intuitively and precisely with image storage and data printing features. Depth can be automatically calculated. ...Read More
Technotray CU Light Curing Polymerization
The Technovit® 2000 LC Systems consists of a Light-curing embedding Resin, a covering Varnish and the fixing Paste the polymerizing Chamber and the specially designed Syntonized Embedding Forms. ...Read More
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